Cylinder 100 x 50 cm RG 25

Cylinder 100 x 50 cm RG 25

Cylinder 100 x 50 cm RG 25




Information about material and mat sizes

All of our mats are upmarket premium-quality products.

  • Length: 100 cm
  • Diameter: 50 cm


Core material:

The core is equipped with polyurethane foam RG 25 (25kg/m3). So there is no danger of injuries with this soft foam.



The cover consists of a polymer gym mat fabric on both sides with a soft and nice imprint. It is water-repellent and can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth, due to the seams, however, it is not waterproof.


Suitability and purpose:

The cylinder is especially well suitable for playing and climbing frames. The different building blocks offer uncountable variation possibilities and hence support creativity and spontaneity of the children. As a result they always learn once more the ability to change, to classify different shapes and sizes and playfully seek for new logical combinations.

Artikel Nr.: 250007
Weight 5000 g