Crash Mat 200 x 100 x 20 cm with Carry Handles and Anti-Slip Base

Crash Mat 200 x 100 x 20 cm with Carry Handles and Anti-Slip Base

Crash Mat 200 x 100 x 20 cm with Carry Handles and Anti-Slip Base




Information about material and mat sizes:

The crash mat measures: 200 x 100 x 20 cm. All of our mats are upmarket, CFC-free premium-quality products.


Soft resistance and core material:

Since this mat is equipped with a special anti-slip base, it has a high level of slip resistance. The core is made of polyurethane foam RG 20 (20 kg/m 3). RG means volume weight (German: Raumgewicht) and states the degree of hardness of the mat. The higher the volume weight, the smaller the cell structure, i.e. the harder the core.



The cover features an anti-slip gym mat fabric at the bottom as well as a blue, seamless tarpaulin fabric at the top. This tarpaulin fabric is made from a tearproof synthetic-polyester-fabric, agreeable to the skin. The cover is equipped with firmly sewed-on carry handles. Thus you can carry the mat more comfortably. In order to enable excess air to escape after a jump, all four sides are equipped with a meshed element to release the air. This reduces the risk of cracks in the cover. A full-polyester zipper allows the removal of the core.


All of our covers are water-repellent, but not waterproof, due to the seams.


Suitability and purpose:

The crash mat is not only suitable for climbing walls, school sport or generally for certain sports, but also urgently required. It offers a protection from injuries during all sporting activities which involve approach and height. For sporting activities, where the whole body lands on the mat, it offers the necessary protection.


Delivery time:

Delivery of this crash mat is possible within 2 - 4 days. Express delivery of 24 - 48 hours within Germany is possible upon telephone arrangement and for an additional fee.


Important information for delivery:

You obtain 4 foam parts (100 x 50 x 20 cm) and a cover, in order to be able to ship the mat cheaper as bulky good. These foam parts are to be placed into the cover after delivery. Since there is a zipper along three sides, it does not take long time. The use of the mat is not affected as the segments join together and fill out the space completely.


Custom-made designs:

You would like a mat tailored to your individual requirements? No problem. Just write an email to or contact us via phone or fax and we will fulfil your individual requirements. Delivery time of customised mats is about 4 - 7 weeks.

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