Slackline Frame Addiction 3 m incl. 12 m Slackline

Slackline Frame Addiction 3 m incl. 12 m Slackline

Slackline Frame Addiction 3 m incl. 12 m Slackline


Phenomenal, our slackline frame Addiction – with this frame you will love slacking everywhere. You can decide yourself whenever and wherever you want to slack. It convinces with its stylish look the extraordinary style of the line itself. Addiction – a real top performance of our professional innovation and technic team. The frame is made out of black metal and is 3 meters long. The shark fin alike stayers which provide the necessary stability are without any doubt a real eye catcher. Its wave design makes the line individually. But the absolute highlight is its double use. The line Addiction is the perfect companion for holiday and for lots of fun outside due to its fixation with an oval steel carabiner at the bottom side which makes dismantling very easy. An advantage of this slackline frame is the possibility to use it everywhere due to its safe position. Addiction offers a complete allround training – whether in a fitness studio or in a physiotherapist’s surgery, during sport lessons at school or in a nursery school, it can be used everywhere. Even at home fun and pleasure are guaranteed. Now to all youngsters and professionals – start slacking right away and become, step by step a slacking star with the help of our complete set. A fascinating sport which develops concentration, balance and adroitness is waiting for you.


Innovation due to a double use of the slackline

The special feature which characterizes our innovation is the double use of the slackline with its frame. You can remove the slackline quickly from its frame and install it in your garden or in a park between two trees with the help of a ratchet system in next to no time. An easy handling enables high mobility and flexibility. Especially children learn balancing on the slackline playfully and extend their own creativity.


Interaction of balance, concentration and coordination

Our new slackline frame Addiction fosters the physical development of children even at the early age of 3 years but also helps elderly people to stay fit, by concentrating on sensomotoric stimulation and the interaction of balance, concentration and coordination. The slackline can be used outside between two trees in a distance of 12 meters but also inside on the slackline frame which is 3 meters long. Fun and enjoyment are guaranteed outside as well as inside for the whole family. This kind of sport is easy to learn for everybody and trains every sort of body mechanics. Independent from weather conditions the slackline Addiction can be used during summer and winter and at any time of the day. The combination of play and sport served as basis for the design of this slackline frame with double use. A high quality is guaranteed due to German development and production.





  • Material: hot-galvanised steel
  • Length: 3m
  • Weight ca. 34 kg
  • max. body weight: 120 kg
Artikel Nr.: 411510
Weight 34000 g