Sling Trainer Master 5000 with 2 hand loops - Variant BASIC

Sling Trainer Master 5000 with 2 hand loops - Variant BASIC

Sling Trainer Master 5000 with 2 hand loops - Variant BASIC – Our cutting-edge innovation for your total body workout!


Our sling trainer was developed in collaboration with Stefan Danker in preparation for the Boulder World Cup (11- in lead and 8b+ in bouldering).


Special attention was put on the muscle groups which are especially used during climbing. The wooden balls help to train those specifically.


The bigger the wooden balls, the harder the exercise as this significantly exacerbates the grip on the balls. These exercises are not only suitable for climbers, but perfectly compliment any other workout as well. The standard sling trainer loops can be quickly and easily replaced with the wooden balls thanks to the included carabiners.


At home, at your gym or for physio therapy – the sling trainer Master 5000 is the perfect training tool for a large number of exercises for all muscle groups no matter where you are. The Master 5000 is small and handy and therefore space-saving to store and easy to transport. Assembling and disassembling is also done in no time. The sling trainer offers a great variety of exercise options for all muscle groups. In contrast to traditional weight training is the resistance and intensity regulated with your own body weight when using the sling trainer. The loop and belt system enables you to exercise all muscle groups. The body is under constant tension when performing the exercises, which also stimulates deeper laying muscle groups. Endurance and agility are additionally trained. A workout with the sling trainer Master 5000 looks quite easy, but proves to be a hard and effective total body workout. Freely suspended loops and handles turn regular and lateral press-ups into a real challenge. Abdomen and torso are constantly trained while performing any exercise as they form a bridge between upper and lower body. The Master 5000 is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as for pros as the resistance and intensity are easy to adjust. To assemble this fitness equipment, simply clamp the door anchor between the door and door frame. A big advantage is that your first sling training can start just anywhere. No matter if you use a door or a tree branch with a diameter of up to 120 cm, an effective workout is guaranteed wherever you are.


Stefan Danker has finished 4th in the Boulder World Cup in Canada in 2011.


The scope of delivery includes a sling trainer with foam coated handles and door anchor plus foot-loops and wooden balls




  • Slings made of high-quality accessory cords
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • High-quality carabiner
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