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Spiky Massage Balls VRELAX by BB Sport

Relaxation and regeneration wherever you need it – the small massage studio for your home and on the road.

Stimulate your blood circulation and increase your mental vitality. Stress relief on the go – regeneration to take away. Relax wherever you want, whenever you want. Put your muscles at ease with these small synthetic balls and boost your blood circulation. Only a good regeneration can help to improve your performance significantly. The massage balls are handy and enable you to perform a reflexology massage on your hands or feet without anybody’s help. But even in gymnastics are those spiky balls a popular aid. Participants will be pleased about the positive effect when feeling and grabbing the ball. But they can also be used during physio and occupational therapy to sensitize and intensify someone’s perception. The spiky balls regulate your blood pressure and have a stimulating effect on your organs.

The scope of deliver includes 5 massage balls in different colours and diameters:

  • 6 cm in green
  • 7 cm in orange
  • 8 cm in yellow
  • 9 cm in red
  • 10 cm in blue
  • Material: PVC (phthalate free)

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