1 x Precut Kinesiology Tape WRIST

1 x Precut Kinesiology Tape WRIST

1 x Precut Kinesiology WRIST


The latest innovation in the field of taping are the so-called ‚Precuts‘. They represent a new and advanced solution by their pre-cut patches, which are adapted to the different extremities. This enables for the tapes to be applied easily in no time in an environment where taping is a standard procedure, e. g. in a clinical everyday life or for sporting activities. All this positive and sophisticated innovations make Precuts the top-notch products amongst tapes.


Kinesiology – ‚Energy flow‘, derived from Greek – based upon anatomy and physiology.


The tape is made of 100% cotton and free from artificial additives. It is 80% elastic so that the patient’s ease of movement won’t be restricted. The water resistant and breathable product characteristics ensure a high wearing comfort for several consecutive days. A special highlight is the high-quality, breathable adhesive.


Material: 100% cotton
Length: 25 cm
Width: 17.5 cm
Colours: pink, blue, black and skin-coloured
Packing Unit: 1 piece
Artikel Nr.: 112202
Weight 26 g