High Jump Mat Competition 300 x 400 cm Heights: 50, 60, 70 or 80 cm


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High Jump Mat Competition 300 x 400 cm Heights: 50, 60, 70 or 80 cm by Alpidex


Information about the material:

This kind of high jump mats consists of several segments, easy to transport. These segments are connected with Jaquard belts, which are equipped with self locking metal buckles.
The mat is made from a highly specialised polyurethane foam with hollow chambers to support air circulation and enable excellent cushioning.


Every segments is made from a tearproof synthetic-polyester-fabric, agreeable to the skin. There is also an air release mesh to enable the air circulation during exercises. Thus the risk of cracks in the upper material is minimised. To prevent the mat from slipping during the exercises, it is equipped with an anti-slip base.
The double-sided spike protection is made from a special mesh fabric which prolonges the life span of the mat significantly. A special, tensionless connection system between spike protection and mat prevents a hardening of the landing area for the jumpers. You can choose between the colours dark blue, light blue, yellow, red, green, white and grey.

Suitability and purpose:

Living sports. Experiencing sports. High jump is a popular event in athletics. Safety always takes top priority with every sport, therefore, a high jump mat counts among the standard equipment.
Even with various fun events like bull riding, this mat gives safety when falling. Not only sports in competition, but also types of fun sports require adequate fall protection. Breath-taking moves on high slacklines, artistry or rope dancing are counted among these adventure-oriented fun sports.

Delivery times for custom-made mats:

After receiving the order , the mat is produced according to your specifications. The delivery time is about 8 weeks.