1000 T-nuts M10 zinc-plated

1000 T-nuts M10 zinc-plated

1000 T-nuts M10 zinc-plated


You use T-nuts for fastening climbing holds to a wooden wall. T-nuts are the counter pieces of hexagon socket screws.


The quality of our T-nuts:


Please notice that we only offer high-quality T-nut weighing 8 g. Many other suppliers offer T-nuts weighing just 6.7 g. These leightweight T-nuts can easily turn off. Thus, pay attention to price-quality ratio!




  • Zinc-plated
  • Internal screw thread M 10
  • Cylinder head screw DIN EN ISO 4762 - M10 (DIN 912)
  • Countersunk head screw DIN EN ISO 10642 - M10 (DIN 7991 )

Sleeve-Ø: approx. 11.3 mm
Outer Diameter-Ø: approx. 25.0 mm
Edge: approx. 1.5 mm
Length: approx. 12.8 mm



First you make a grid. Therefore, mark all places, where you want to assemble T-nuts. For boulder walls, a hole matrix of 10 cm is advisable (demand/qm: 95 T-nuts). The first row should be displaced to the second row.

You can also use only as many T-Nuts as climbing holds. However, then you have only few opportunities to assemble your climbing holds. Furthermore, if you want to expand your climbing wall, you have to disassemble all panels.

After marking all spots for your T-nuts, you drill 12 mm holes. After that, T-nuts must be driven into the back of your climbing wall. Use a special wood adhesive to give T-nuts a better hold.

If the adhesive gets into contact with the screw thread you have to clean your T-nut afterwards.

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