Red-Black , Yellow-Black , Green-Black , Blue-Black , White-Black , Mixed Coloured

ALPIDEX 60 climbing grips – for a climbing space of roughly 4 to 8 m²

The set of holds by ALPIDEX challenges young, as well as experienced climbers. It contains a colourful mix of all the usual sizes from L to XS for a surface area of about 4-8 m². Depending on the desired level of difficulty, the various holds can be mounted on vertical, overhanging or even severely overhanging terrain. With the appropriate mount, they're ideal for indoor climbing as well as outdoors.

Delivery contents:

  • 15 x L climbing grips
  • 20 x M climbing grips
  • 15 x S climbing grips
  • 10 x XS climbing grips


You will receive the following colours of grips: mottled red, mottled green, mottled white or mottled blue. "Mottled" means a mixture of the main colour, e.g. red mottled with the colour black. In this case, most of the grip is in the main colour – red – mixed with black specks. Thanks to this special manufacturing process, each grip is unique.

Requirement for T-Nuts:

For a hole pattern of 15 cm, you need 42 T-Nuts per square metre.
For a hole pattern of 20 cm, you need 25 T-Nuts per square metre.