Wild Yellow , Power Red , Vivid Violet , Sporty Orange , Mixed Colour

ALPIDEX 15 M/L climbing holds in a set of different shapes, small handles, treads, in various colours

The climbing hold sets by ALPIDEX enable interesting and varied course arrangements for all wall areas and difficulty levels

This set contains 15 different handles and treads that can be used in any route. Due to the varying depths of indentations and shapes, the grips can also be used as nice treads in the higher classes. This means that beginners can find secure hold whereas the pro can give routes some needed pep with the right placements of these holds.

Details on the handle grips:

  • Different shapes
  • Medium deep to shallow indentations
  • Challenging handles, offer secure hold when used as treads
  • Good grip and ergonomic, edge-free surfaces
  • With additional screw hole to anchor an anti-rotation lock
  • To mount you will need M10 cylinder head screws - not included in delivery.

Best suited for:

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Contains: 15 climbing holds
Total weight: 2.665g
Colours: Grey Stone, Balance Blue, Vivid Violet,
Sporty Orange, Natural Green, Wild Yellow,
Power Red, Mixed Colour

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