15 Climbing Holds

assorted , red-mottled , green-mottled , white-mottled , blue-mottled

ALPIDEX 15 climbing holds in size L, M and S

This set consists of 15 climbing holds from size L to S. Depending on the difficulty level, the holds are suitable for vertical and overhanging climbing walls.

On the one hand, this varied mix of holds is a nice starter set for a new climbing wall and on the other hand a gain for an existing climbing or bouldering wall.

Suitable for each age group.

Included in Delivery:

  • 5 x climbing holds with undercut size L
  • 5 x climbing holds size M
  • 5 x climbing holds size S
  • The required connection material is not included in offer


You will receive the following colours of grips: mottled red, mottled green, mottled white or mottled blue. "Mottled" means a mixture of the main colour, e.g. red mottled with the colour black. In this case, most of the grip is in the main colour – red – mixed with black specks. Thanks to this special manufacturing process, each grip is unique.

Requirement for T-Nuts:

For a hole pattern of 15 cm, you need 42 T-Nuts per square metre.
For a hole pattern of 20 cm, you need 25 T-Nuts per square metre.

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