80 Climbing Holds included Screws and 250 T-Nuts

assorted , red-mottled , green-mottled , yellow-mottled , white-mottled , blue-mottled

80 Climbing Holds in a Starter Set, Screws and 250 T-Nuts included - for a Climbing Surface of about 6 to 10 m²

This set consists of 80 climbing holds in all sizes, from XL to XS. It is suitable for a climbing surface of about 6 to 10 m². Depending on the difficulty level, the holds are suitable for vertical and overhanging climbing walls.

On the one hand, this varied mix of holds is a nice starter set for a new climbing wall and on the other hand a gain for an existing climbing or bouldering wall.

Suitable for each age group.

Included in Delivery:

  • 8 x climbing holds size XL
  • 12 x climbing holds with undercut size L
  • 25 x climbing holds size M
  • 20 x climbing holds size S
  • 15 x climbing holds size XS
  • 65 x suitable hexagon socket screw M10 Din 912 zinc plated
  • 30 x chipboard screw zinc plated for fastening the XS holds
  • 250 x T-nut M10 zinc plated
  • 1 x instruction sheet for DIY climbing walls


You can order the holds in the following colours: red-mottled, green-mottled, yellow-mottled, white-mottled, blue-mottled or in assorted colours (if you choose this option you obtain the holds in a mixture of the five mentioned colours). \'Mottled\' means a mixture of the main colour, e. g. in the case of red-mottled with the colour black. At this, the biggest part of the hold is in the main colour, red in this example, mixed with dabs of black.

This unusual manufacturing procedure makes every single hold unique.

T-Nuts Requirement:

  • With a hole matrix of 15 cm you need 42 T-nuts per m².
  • With a hole matrix of 20 cm you need 25 T-nuts per m².

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