Liquid Chalk 200 ml bottle


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Liquid Chalk 200 ml bottle by ALPIDEX

Liquid chalk for all athletes that could use a little extra grip.

Chalk is now forbidden in many halls and studios - liquid chalk is an ideal alternative here. The fluid variation of chalk minimizes the fine dust pollution in gyms and halls. Another advantage: It lasts longer on the fingers and hand surfaces than chalk in powder form.
A tip for all climbers: Best suited for routes on which re-chalking is not possible after the first few metres.

Details on and usage instruction:

  • Shake thoroughly before use
  • Apply in portions and allow to dry for approx. 1 minute
  • Reduces perspiration and improves grip
  • Adheres longer than chalk powder
  • Very rich
  • Reduces fine dust pollution
  • For training and competitions
  • Simply wash off with soap and water after training
  • After use it is recommended to apply moisturiser to the skin
  • Range of use: Climbing, bouldering, body building, track and field, pole dancing, fitness training, weigh lifting and much more.
  • Follow the safety and usage instructions listed on the product

Technical specs:

Composition: 55 % magnesium carbonate
33.75 % ethanol
11.25 % water
Contains: 200 ml
Weight: 222 g

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