Carbon ski poles in various lengths, incl. racing baskets and deep-snow baskets

105 cm , 110 cm , 115 cm , 120 cm , 130 cm , 135 cm

Carbon ski poles ski pole in various lengths

Heads up, ski bunnies - tasteful design meets sportiness!

The ski pole by Alpidex knows what is important. The fibreglass-reinforced carbon barrels provide feather light but robust downhill fun. Whether on the slopes or in back country - the included race and deep snow plates can be screwed on and off without tools. The ergonomic grip made of EVA foam provides constant contact and therefore the necessary control. The classic 3Tex strap is adjustable and underlaid.

Pole specs:

  • Fibreglass-reinforced carbon shafts, conically shaped from 16 -11 mm
  • 2 different plates for use on packed or deep snow
  • Plates can be changed out without tools - simply screw screw on and off
  • Ergonomic grips made from EVA foam - isolating and non-slip
  • Classic 3Tex strap - length adjustable
  • Precise Wolfram tips
  • Light and stable
  • Inconspicuous and fine design
  • 1 pair of poles included in delivery

Determining the optimal pole length:

Calculation formula: height in cm x 0.7 = pole length

Example: 169 cm x 0.7 = 120 cm

Size chart:

Length 105 cm: Height in cm: 146 - 156
Length 110 cm: Height in cm : 153 - 164
Length 115 cm: Height in cm: 159 - 171
Length 120 cm: Height in cm: 167 - 179
Length 125 cm: Height in cm: 173 - 186
Length 130 cm: Height in cm: 180 - 194
Length 135 cm: Height in cm: 187 - 200

Please note that this chart only serves as a guide due to the fact that individual body structures and personal perceptions cannot be taken into account.


Range of use: Alpine skiing
Construction: Fixed length
Pole material: Fibreglass-reinforced carbon,
Ø 16 mm - 11 mm
Grip material: EVA, PP,
thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Material hand strap: PET
Weight: 370 g (length 105 cm, incl. accessories)
Delivery contents: 1 pair of poles
1 pair of deep snow plates
1 pair of race plates

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