1 Climbing Hold

green-mottled , yellow-mottled , white-mottled

ALPIDEX 1 Climbing Hold

- An asset for every wall -

The offered climbing hold is an asset for every climbing wall. With this giant hold even the beginner can "dare" their first tries on the wall. By the use of the special shape you can fix this hold to the wall as a jug or pinch, just as you like.

Included in Delivery:

1 x climbing hold

Suitable for every climber - whether young or old, beginner or expert.


You can order the holds in the following colours: red-mottled, green-mottled, yellow-mottled, white-mottled, blue-mottled or in assorted colours (if you choose this option you obtain the holds in a mixture of the five mentioned colours). \'Mottled\' means a mixture of the main colour, e. g. in the case of red-mottled with the colour black. At this, the biggest part of the hold is in the main colour, red in this example, mixed with dabs of black.

This unusual manufacturing procedure makes every single hold unique.

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