Polyamide sling length 60 cm


Polyamide sling length 60 cm by ALPIDEX

The all-purpose tool not only in the rock! The ribbon-round slings are available in 10 different lengths and thus cover all areas of application. The robust and durable polyamide is compared to dyneema not as susceptible to melting burns and has a pleasant feel. The round sling with the highest quality, convenient and functional.

Diverse uses:

  • Belay security
  • Application of fixed points
  • Intermediate belay
  • Self-securing
  • Injured rescue
  • Substitution for grips or footholds
  • Aid for roping and more

Technical details for the slings:

Material: Polyamide flat ribbon
Breadth: 16 mm
Breaking load: 22 kN
Standards: EN 566
Colours: vary in length
Applications: climbing, montaineering, rescue
Length: 30 cm 40 cm 60 cm 80 cm 100 cm 120 cm 150 cm 180 cm 240 cm 360 cm
Weight: 25,5 g 35,0 g 47,5 g 61,5 g 75,0 g 92,0 g 115,0 g 135,0 g 182,5 g 264,0 g
Colour: red yellow green blue brown silver purple orange red green

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