Very Light Carbon Nordic Walking Pole for men and women

100 cm , 105 cm , 110 cm , 115 cm , 120 cm , 125 cm , 130 cm , 135 cm

Very Light Carbon Nordic Walking Pole

This carbon Nordic Walking pole is your ideal training partner for extensive walking tours. Due to the 100 % highly modular carbon tube you hardly feel the pole in your hand. The convenient handle is made from rubber and natural cork and lies perfectly in your hand. With the suitable, removable click hand strap, you can easily click into the pole and release again at the push of a button. On tarred roads, the ergonomically shaped rubber bumper offers a superb support, off road, on the other hand, the integrated hard metal tip makes it. Included in delivery are 2 poles.

The advantage of these poles is that they are made from 100 % highly modular carbon. This makes the poles extremely lightweight (138 g per pole without rubber pad at a length of 105 cm). Additionally, they have a high bending stiffness and reach an ideal vibration behaviour during your walking tour.

Due to their half-round shape these pads are comfortable when hitting the ground and pushing off the pole. What's more, they prevent the clacking noise when walking or skating on tarmac.

Calculation of the Ideal Pole Length:

Calculation formula: body height in cm x 0.68 = pole length

Technical Data:

Range of Use: Nordic Walking
Material Pole: 100 % highly modular carbon
Material Handle: rubber, cork
weight: 138 g per pole (105 cm without rubber pad),
150 g per pole (120 cm without rubber pad)
Included in Delivery: 2 poles and 2 different pairs of rubber pads, Padholder

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