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Vario folding trekking poles made of carbon by ALPIDEX

Are you looking for a reliable companion for your long hikes, secluded trails and summit races or for the many metres at altitude on a fixed rope route? Alpidex has a new all-rounder of the highest quality in its product line.

This high-end carbon pole is not only stiff and superlight. With the Flip Lock system it can be assembled within seconds. The next highlight is the Vario technology. With this the trekking poles can be continuously adjusted exactly to a height suitable for you. The locking mechanism consists of aluminium clamps that find an optimal compromise between weight reduction and high clamping force.

With each pole only weighing 196 g, the 5-part pole really has nothing to hide in the trekking pole market. And it is at the forefront in packing size with just 33.5 cm. The non-slip carbide tips and the long, ergonomic EVA grips round off the features.

In summary: The featherweight with Vario technology and all the features that a folding pole can offer.

Details on the Vario folding poles:

  • Segments: 5 parts, Ø 16 / 14 / 12.2 / 12.2 / 12.2 mm
  • The third segment is reinforced with aluminum for optimum stiffness in the case of transverse loads, as are the plug-in sleeves
  • Ultralight 196 g per pole
  • Packing size only 33.5 cm
  • Flip Lock system for a quick and secure assembly
  • Continuously adjustable from 105 - 125 cm
  • Clamping closure with aluminium clamps - light and catchy
  • Length-adjustable straps
  • Long, ergonomic EVC grips, sweat-absorbent and hygienic
  • Carbide tips
  • 2 different pairs of discs for use in snow and mixed terrain (rock, field, mud)
  • 1 pair of rubber pads for use on asphalt
  • Refined look

Technical specs:

Range of use: Walking, trekking, mountain hiking
Trail running, fixed-rope route
Pole material Segment 1: 100 % carbon, Ø 16 mm
Pole material Segment 2: 100 % carbon, Ø 14 mm
Pole material Segment 3: Carbon, aluminum reinforced Ø 12.2 mm
Pole material Segment 4: 100 % carbon, Ø 12.2 mm
Pole material Segment 5: 100 % carbon, Ø 12.2 mm
Grip material: EVA
Weight: 196 g per pole (without rubber pads)
Delivery contents: 2 poles
2 different pairs of discs
1 pair of rubber pads

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