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Massage balls set of 5 in different degrees of hardness

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Set of 5 massage balls

With this set you receive five high-quality massage balls in different designs as they are often used in the field of physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Whether for the back, neck, shoulders, buttocks, legs, knees, hands or feet - our balls are versatile and allow you a wide range of applications.

The massage balls differ not only in shape and colour, but also in different degrees of hardness. The lacrosse ball and the peanut ball also have a valve that can be used to determine and individually adjust the degree of hardness using a standard ball pump.

Suitable for:

  • Targeted stimulation of reflex zones and trigger points
  • Relieving muscle tension and stiffness
  • Pain-relieving massages for joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Gripping and sensitisation exercises
  • For warming up or for regeneration after training

In detail:

Spiky: enables precise application to trigger points to effectively release hardening. The spiky surface gives a stimulating massage and increases local blood circulation.

Lacrosse: very good for gentle applications or also as an anti-stress ball. Gives slightly under strong pressure and prevents injuries during application.

Triggerpoint: deeply effective thanks to special surface structure. Can loosen tense muscles, hardening and fascia adhesions. Good for sore muscles, among other things.

Peanut: for firm, localised pressure. Promotes blood circulation and surface sensitivity. For massaging feet, hands and joints. Stimulates blood circulation and loosens hardenings.

Technical data:

Material: Spiky, Lacrosse, Peanut: PVC
Triggerpoint: PU foam
Contents: 5 balls per set
Hardness: soft, medium, hard - varies depending on the ball
Weight: Spiky: 95 g
Spiky small: 65 g
Peanut: 115 g
Lacrosse: 40 g
Trigger: 50 g

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