Daisy Chain 100 cm out of PE sling


Daisy Chain 100 cm out of PE sling by ALPIDEX

An indispensable aid at aid climbing are Daisy Chains. For a clean anchor knot, the nether strap is sewn with a half twist. The total loop consists of a 13 mm wide PE sling with a breaking load of 22 kN. It has 8 loops with a breaking load of 3.9 kN. The loops may be used only for the static hold in body weight and should not be included in the safety chain. The correct tie-in is important. Therefore, we always recommend an intermediate belay.

For a better overview and diversity in the stand - the daisy chain of Alpidex.

The color of the item may be different in some circumstances.

Technical Data for the Daisy Chain:

Material: Polyethylen ribbon cable
Width: 13 mm
Breaking load total sling: 22 kN
Breaking load loop: 3,9 kN
Length: 100 cm
Weight: 51,5 g
Norm: EN 566
Applications: aid climbing,
belay security, regulation

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