Full body harness


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ALPIDEX Full body harness

Comprehensive safety in Alpine terrain - optimal equipment is the first step for a wonderful experience in the mountains

Full body harnesses are the safest option in alpine terrain, if you are traveling with a lot of equipment and/or backpack or when uncontrolled falls can not be ruled out. Above all in climbing routes and on high-altitude mountain tours. The harness is infinitely adjustable to the leg and backpack straps and the waist band. The extra clip buckle below the embedding loop the belt can be opened completely and makes the entry and exit with mountain boots and crampons possible. The color contrasting tie-in to prevent false rope up and ensure a higher tie-in to the event of a fall to prevent kick-back of the torso.

This thoughtful belt works under all conditions and dries quickly, even if it was wet or frozen.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the mountains with your gear by Alpidex.

Technical details for the full body harness:

Colors: Black-Red
Material: Climbing harness: Polyester
Gear loops: Nylon
Buckles: Carbon steel C1045, black anodized
Size Uni Size
Type of harness: Type A - Full body to 100 kg body weight
Adjustment ranges: Hip size: 64 bis 105 cm
Leg circumference: 45 bis 77 cm
Shoulder belt: 5 to ca. 45 cm additional
to the existing shoulder area
Number gear loops: 2
Adjustable leg loops: yes
Closure: 5 Double-Slide buckles breadth 45 mm
Applications: Allround, via ferrata,
indoor, rescue,
high-altitude mountain tours
Weight: 848,5 g
Norm: EN 12277

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