1 Roll Kinesiology Tape 5 m x 5 cm in different colours

1 Roll Kinesiology Tape 5 m x 5 cm in different colours

This Kinesiology Tape is a only longitudinal expandable cotton tape. The elasticity of the tape (30-40% means 130 – 140% elasticity) is comparable to the proper stretching of the human muscle. The good water resistant and breathable characteristics will ensure a high comfort for several days up to two weeks. Free of Latex.

Generally, our customers experience the colours orange, red, pink and yellow as activating and stimulating, the colours blue and green as calming whereas white, skin-coloured and black as neutral.


  • Lengthways stretchable (140%)
  • Cotton tape
  • Breathable
  • Permeable to water

Quantity: 1 tape in your required colour

Colours: white, pink, light blue, dark blue, skin-coloured, red, orange, yellow, green and black

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