Set of 5 resistance bands


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ALPIDEX resistance bands set of 5 loop bands in various strength and colours

With this set of 5 fitness bands, ALPIDEX offers a high-quality basis for a varied workout. The selection of different strengths makes it possible for you to find the ideal level for your workout – whether beginner or advanced.

For introductory workouts the loop band offers an almost endless variety of possibilities for getting your entire body in shape. Those that are advanced, on the other hand, value it as a welcome change and supplement to the studio because through specific exercises, individual muscle groups can be targeted. If there isn't enough time to go to the studio, the fitness band can replace typical weights with no problem – ideal for on the go and travelling. Unlike conventional training it also offers the significant advantage that the maximum muscle contraction is reached at the end of the exercise; for the farther the band is stretched the stronger the resistance.

The fitness band is long-lasting and robust due to it being processed from high-quality latex. To ensure a long lifespan, take care to not overstretch the band and keep it as far away from rough surfaces and sunlight as possible.

Get the most out of your workout and benefit from the versatility of the ALPIDEX fitness bands!


  • Mobile training
  • Elastic loop band
  • High Performance Material: 100 % Latex
  • Set of 5 different colours and strengths
  • Care: Do not overstretch, keep out of sunlight, do not stretch over rough or sharp surfaces
  • Areas of use: Strength training, rehab, plyometric training, flexibility training, high-speed strength training, stretching


Length: Approx. 63cm
Width: Approx. 5 cm
Colour (Resistance): Light blue (light = 5-10 lbs)
Green (medium = 10-15 lbs)
Yellow (strong = 15-20 lbs)
Purple (stronger = 25-30 lbs)
Black (strongest = 30-40 lbs)
Total weight: 110g
material bag: 100% polyester
Delivery contents: 5 fitness bands in different strengths, storage bag

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