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Snowshoes 25 or 29 inch with quick lacing system, including carrying bag

This is where technology, comfort and style meet!

The snowshoes from ALPIDEX ensure a secure footing with their stable binding and quick-release fastener. On the underside there are biting front teeth as well as continuous longitudinal rails, which are particularly needed when traversing slopes. By using the climbing aid, the ascent is made much easier on all slopes.

Putting on the snowshoes is very easy thanks to the practical quick lacing system. A strong and resilient steel and plastic rope runs through the binding and is fixed at the top by a clamp buckle. First pull the "anchor fastener" towards your body so that it and the lacing come off and then get into the snowshoes. IMPORTANT: now make sure that the anchor is outside the binding and the shoes, otherwise it cannot be reached easily to release the lacing system. The lacing is then tightened by turning the fastener clockwise and can be precisely adjusted until you have the feeling of standing firmly in the snowshoe. To open the lacing system, simply pull the "anchor" again and the rope is released.


  • Oval shape with biting front prongs, narrows towards the back
  • With practical lacing system for very quick donning and a firm fit
  • Continuous longitudinal rails provide very good lateral support when traversing slopes
  • Climbing aid facilitates the ascent
  • Plastic frame: resistant and durable
  • Carrying bag included

How do I put on the shoe?

  1. Pull the "anchor fastener" towards the body to loosen the lacing.
  2. Get into the binding and make sure that the anchor is outside the binding and shoes
  3. Position the heel strap correctly
  4. Turn the fastener of the quick lacing system clockwise until you feel that you are standing firmly in the snowshoe.
  5. To open the lacing system, simply pull the "anchor" again and the rope releases

Things to know when purchasing for the first time: The given weight specifications refer to the optimal sinking depth in deep and fresh snow and have nothing to do with a load limit of the material. The larger the snowshoe, the more contact surface it has and therefore floats better. On the other hand, a smaller snowshoe is more manoeuvrable and lighter. It is up to you to decide whether you prefer lighter and more agile shoes for steeper terrain, for example, but perhaps have to use more force because they sink in more.

Technical data:

  25 inch 29 inch
Weight per shoe: 940 g 1060 g
Dimensions: 62 x 21 cm 75 x 22 cm
User weight (incl. equipment) 130 kg 140 g
Suitable for shoe sizes 38 - 44 38 - 46
Model Unisex Unisex
Material frame Plastic Plastic
Material front teeth / side rails Carbon steel Carbon steel
Material belt system 100 % polyester 100 % polyester

Carrying bag:

Material 100 % polyester
Properties Zip
2 short carrying handles
1 adjustable carrying strap
Can also be worn as a backpack

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