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1 Special T-Nut Professional Zinc-Plated M10 Fixation with Chipboard Screws

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1 Special T-Nut Professional Zinc-Plated M10 Fixation with Chipboard Screws

You use T-nuts for fastening climbing holds to a wooden wall. T-nuts are the counter pieces of hexagon socket screws.

The absolute advantage of the special t-nut "Professional" is, that it is not driven in, but fixed with two chipboard screws from the back side. So a T-nut will never loosen again on your climbing wall!

In order to fulfil the high and strict safety requirements for this important connecting element, our drive-in nut is tested in accordance with DIN EN 12572-2-2017.


  • Material: steel zinc-plated
  • tested according to DIN EN 12572-2-2017
  • Metric internal screw thread M 10
  • Thick-walled construction (plate thickness about 2 mm)
  • Height of T-nut (plate included): about 12 mm
  • Required pre-drill diameter: about 12 mm
  • Plate : 40 x 25 mm
  • Fastening of special T-nut with 2 chipboard screws (diameter: about 4mm)
  • Fastening of climbing holds with standard M10 screws


The PROFESSIONAL special drive-in nut offers you a high-quality alternative to the standard drive-in nut. It also has advantages over other special drive-in nuts that are installed with 4 chipboard screws. The reason for this is not only the halving of the labour required to fasten the PROFESSIONAL special drive-in nut, but also its load-bearing capacity tested in accordance with DIN EN 12572-2-2017. This is because the two holes for the chipboard screws have a much larger diameter than the four holes in a conventional special drive-in nut. This means that thicker screws can be used when installing the PROFESSIONAL, giving your climbing holds the optimum hold.


First you make a grid. Therefore, mark all places, where you want to assemble T-nuts. For boulder walls, a hole matrix of 10 cm is advisable (demand/qm: 95 T-nuts). The first row should be displaced to the second row. You can also use only as many T-Nuts as climbing holds. However, then you have only few opportunities to assemble your climbing holds. Furthermore, if you want to expand your climbing wall, you have to disassemble all panels. After marking all spots for your T-nuts, you drill 12 mm holes. In these the special T-nut "PROFESSIONAL" is put into the hole from the back side and then fixed with two chipboard screws.

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