Gym Mat 200 x 100 x 8 cm with Anti-Slip Base RG 20 (very soft)


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Gym Mat 200 x 100 x 8 cm with Anti-Slip Base RG 20 (very soft)by ALPIDEX


Information about Material and Sizes

This gym mat measures 200 x 100 x 8 cm. Since this mat is not only very soft, but also space-saving, it is well-suited for children's rooms, in order to let your children play without any concerns. As you can choose the colour of the mat without any surcharges, this gym mat will be in any case the highlight in every children's room.

All our mats are high-quality, CFC-free quality goods. You purchase directly from the manufacturer, that is why we can offer these attractive terms above average. Hence with us, you do not pay for unnecessary retail and wholesale surcharges.

Density and Core Material

Prime principle is minimising risk of injury. Since this mat is equipped with a special anti-slip base, it has a high degree of slip resistance. The core is made of a high-quality compound foam RG 20 (20kg/m3). RG means volume weight (German: Raumgewicht) and states the degree of hardness of the mat. The higher the volume weight, the smaller the cell structure, i.e. the harder the core. Therefore, a 75 kg person subsides only about 2.5 cm on a RG 80 mat, whereas the same person would subside about 4 cm on a RG 20 mat.


At the top the mat features a seamless, tearproof tarpaulin fabric (synthetic-polyester-fabric), which is agreeable to the skin, and an anti-slip fabric at the bottom. Since the mat is protected by its natural leather corners, its life is prolonged significantly. Additionally, the cover is equipped with sewed on carry handles. By this, the mat can be stored vertically in small rooms without any problems. Please also consider our other products. There you can also find mats without leather corners or anti-slip base. A strong full polyester zipper allows for removing the core.

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