Nordic Walking Poles fixed length pole made of carbon

100 cm , 110 cm , 130 cm , 135 cm

Nordic Walking Poles fixed length pole made of carbon in varying lengths by ALPIDEX

Everything that makes the hearts of Nordic walkers skip a beat - you'll find it in the new Nordic Walking pole by ALPIDEX.

The poles fulfill all the conditions that a top model in the Nordic Walking sector needs to meet. That starts with the ultralight, highly modular carbon shaft that with a length of 100 cm only weighs 134 g. The shaft diameter of 16 mm combined with the material and shape offer you the best swing behaviour and hardly any vibration. Additional highlights are the neoprene mesh hand straps that can be attached or removed with a click, which are also adjustable themselves.

Even the grips leave nothing to be desired. The soft and non-slip EVA foam absorbs sweat, is durable and above all hygienic because it's easy to clean.

Additional features that make it an absolute must-have are the robust carbide tips and the attachable pad holders. (This will keep you from having to put dirty rubber pads in your jacket pocket in the future). Two different pairs of rubber pads for asphalt are included. The fine, sporty design is also worth mentioning here and rounds out the features of this fixed-length pole.

In summary: The featherweight with the best pendular movement and all the features that a Nordic walking pole can offer.

Details on the fixed-length pole:

  • Shaft material: Highly modular carbon, shaft diameter 16 mm
  • Ultralight
  • Optimal pendular movement
  • Minimal vibrations, joint-friendly use
  • Minimal risk of breakage
  • Hand straps can be snapped in and out easily
  • Individually adjustable hand straps
  • Hygienic EVA grips, perspiration absorbent
  • Carbide tips
  • 2 different pairs of rubber pads for use on asphalt
  • Attachable pad holder
  • Length: 100 - 135 cm, in 5cm segments

Determining the optimal pole length:

Calculation formula: Height in cm x 0.68 = pole length

Please note that this chart only serves as a guide due to the fact that individual body structures and personal perceptions cannot be taken into account.

Technical specs:

Range of use: Nordic Walking
Pole material: 100 % highly modular carbon Ø 16 mm
Grip material: EVA
Weight: 134 g per pole (100 cm without rubber pads),
152 g per pole (120 cm without rubber pads)
Delivery contents: 2 poles
2 different pairs of rubber pads
Attachable pad holder

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