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Shoe spikes in various sizes

More security for winter hikes - defy ice and snow - with shoe chains by ALPIDEX.

Transform your mountain/winter boots into non-slip winter footwear in seconds. With the help of the heel strap simply strap the spikes over your shoes and they will have excellent traction on icy surfaces.

Made of durable silicone rubber, the spikes fit almost every shoe model. Vertical stainless steel spikes provide uncompromising grip. The stainless steel chain links and the plastic fastening band allow the spikes to fit really well even under load. 7 of the 21 robust and non-slip stainless steel tips are positioned under the heel. The heel spikes are especially important because people lead with their heels when walking. The remaining cleats are located under the ball of the foot and support the forefoot when pushing backwards. This makes even iced over trails passable. The shoe spikes are equally suitable for womens' and mens' shoes. They are available in sizes S (shoe size 35 to 38), M (shoe size 38 to 40), L (shoe size 41 to 43) and XL (shoe size 44 to 47).

Details on the shoe spikes:

  • Attachment is quick and easy with fastening bands that are placed over the tips of your shoe first and then over the heel
  • Additional fixation with velcro fastener
  • Special anti-slip cleats offer excellent grip in snow and ice
  • Fit almost all shoe models
  • Simple donning and doffing
  • Use the spikes exclusively in snow and ice to prevent premature wear of the stainless steel spikes
  • To avoid long-term damages to floors do not tread on any soft floor covering with the spikes
  • Use only on even ground
  • Not suitable for steep terrain (not a replacement for crampons!)
  • Not suitable for shoes with heels
  • Not recommended for children under 14 years
  • Includes transport and storage bag

Technical specs:

Construction: Rubber body with chains and vertical spikes
in ball and heel area
and plastic fastening band
Material body: Silicone rubber
Material instep fixation: Polypropylene fibre
Material chain: Stainless steel, rustproof
Material spikes: Stainless steel, rustproof
Height of spikes: 1,0 cm
Sizes: Orange = S (35 - 38),
Blue = M (38 - 40),
Black = L (41 - 43)
Green = XL (44 - 47)
Weight: S: 395 g
M: 420 g
L: 425 g
XL: 430 g
Packing size: 15 x 11.5 x 8.5 cm

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