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SUP Package Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable 305 x 76 x 15 cm up to 150 kg

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Stand-Up Paddleboard 305 with extensive accessories

Our all-round care-free package is perfectly suited to beginners

The SUP comes with plenty of accessories and leaves hardly any desire unmet. The board is stable and versatile: standing, sitting, for yoga and Pilates training, in quiet waters or in light waves, for relaxing paddling or kayaking.

A highlight for this price class is the three fins that provide stability to the board. The large centre fin can be removed.

Thanks to drop stitch technology, the SUP achieves the best possible ratio of air pressure to firmness. This 3-layer edge construction ensures maximum hardness and a long service life.

The non-slip, profiled deck provides a secure standing position and is made from comfortable EVA.

Thanks to the aluminium and robust plastic, the paddles are light and float on the water, if they happen to slip from your hands. By means of the intermediate rod, the paddle can quickly and easily be converted into a kayaking paddle.

The all-inclusive SUP package is rounded out with a repair kit – containing three plastic patches, a suitable glue and a spanner for the valve – and a leash with a coiled line for your leg. This safety line keeps the board nearby when you're not standing on it.

The installed D-rings are secured with a double layer of plastic. Thanks to this, the tabs won't be ripped out, and you will have long-lasting fun with this board. The eyelet on the tail of the board serves to attach the leash, the eyelets in the middle are to attach an SUP seat.

You can also find an SUP seat for that comfortable and perfect kayak experience with us. This is available as an option and fits perfectly on this board.

After being used on the water, the SUP dries quickly in the sun, without warping. Thanks to the small packing size of just 88 x 38 x 29 cm, it can fit into any boot once dry and folded!


  • Robust board, 305 cm long – perfect for beginners
  • Three fins on the underside for increased stability in the water
  • Bevelled Stand-Up Paddleboard prow for improved skimming in the waves
  • Fluted standing surface, so you don't slip
  • Comfortable transportation of the inflated SUP thanks to carrying handles located in the centre of the topside
  • Drop stitch technology – durable, maximum firmness and strength
  • If your paddle slips from your hand, it will float on the surface
  • Paddle with ergonomically shaped grip
  • Practical backpack with zip over three sides and additional bags
  • The backpack can be worn as either a backpack or a bag
  • Crossed lines on the topside of the board for safely stowing baggage
  • Includes extensive repair kit in practical storage box
  • Includes double-hub air pump to quickly and easily inflate the board
  • Includes leach with coiled leg line
  • D-ring eyelets for attaching the leash and a SUP seat
  • D-rings fixed with double plastic layer, which prevents being torn out
  • SUP seat available as an option


Dimensions of inflated SUP:

305 x 76 x 15 cm (LxWxH)

Packing size: 88 x 38 x 29 cm
Dimensions of backpack: 90 x 42 x 30 cm
Dimensions of single paddle: adjustable 180 - 215 cm
Dimensions of kayak paddle: 212 cm
Weight of inflated SUP:

10,5 kg

Weight of backpack, including entire kit:

12 kg

Maximum user weight:

150 kg

Recommended air pressure: 12-15 PSI
Maximum air pressure: 18 PSI
Air chambers: 1-chamber system
Fins: 3 units
Board material: 100% polyester
Deck material EVA, with tread
Backpack material: 100% polyester
Paddle shaft material: Aluminium
Paddle blade material: Plastic
Paddle system: Single paddle, kayak paddle
Air pump: Double-action system with pressure gauge
Leash: coiled leg line with loop (adjustable with hook and loop fastener) for calf or ankle

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