25 Climbing Holds

assorted , red-mottled , green-mottled , yellow-mottled , white-mottled , blue-mottled

ALPIDEX 25 Climbing Holds

If a challenge is coming up and the technique could be some better, you should read on!

Are you looking for an innovative mixture of various climbing holds size S with new shapes for the ambitious climber? Then we have something for you!

A combination of near-natural shapes with finger-friendly surfaces and grip possibilities. A thought-out mixture of most diverse holds with a fair haptic. Included in delivery are slats, sloper, pockets, overhand holds and pinches. This set is ideal as a starter set if you want to climb a more demanding route soon, due to the various hold types.

You can choose from the following colours:

  • Assorted colours
  • Red-mottled
  • Green-mottled
  • Yellow-mottled
  • Blue-mottled

'Mottled' means a mixture of the main colour, e. g. in the case of red-mottled with the colour black. At this, the biggest part of the hold is in the main colour, red in this example, mixed with dabs of black.

This unusual manufacturing procedure makes every single hold unique.

Included in Delivery:

25 x S climbing holds

Fastening Material:

We offer suitable zinc-plated chipboard screws for indoor climbing walls (item-ID 2164). For outdoor walls you need stainless steel material (item-ID 2264). You can find the screw set in the category 'screws'.

Fastening material for wood, concrete and brick walls can be found in the category 'Fixing of climbing Holds (wood, concrete, brick walls)'.

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