Our TOP athletes Stefan Danker and Friederike Petri - two climbers with a passion - talk in exciting interviews about their successes, dreams and experiences at competitions, on the rock and generally about their lives.

Stefan Danker born 1988

is a likeable, cheerful and very down-to-earth young man who has been climbing for as long as he can remember. In addition to climbing or bouldering itself, he especially enjoys the interpersonal contacts with other climbers from all over the world.

Greatest successes in competitions:
4th place at the Boulder World Cup in Canada 2011.

Boulder European championship in Holland 2013

Greatest successes on the rock:
Routes up to 11- and bouldering up to 8b+

Friederike (Freddy) Petri born 1996

is a passionate boulderer, she lives for her sport and organizes her whole life so that she can pursue her passion as frequently and intensively as possible.

Biggest successes on competitions: 
3rd place at the German Bouldercup in Munich

Bavarian bouldering champion 2013

Greatest successes on the rock:
Boulder "Barre Fixe" in Fontainebleau (7b+)

"Doctor Crimp" in Ticino (7b+)