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Snowshoes Aluminium 21,25, 30 INCH Carrying Bag Optional Carbon Poles Woman Man

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ALPIDEX Snowshoes with aluminium frame for men and women

Enjoy the untouched winter landscape. Whether for a leisurely walk in deep snow or a more sporty hike in hilly terrain, with our ALPIDEX snowshoe you can do it all.

Thanks to a light and flexible aluminium frame, the snowshoe is a real lightweight. The smallest size with a length of 53 cm and a width of 20 cm weighs only 760 g per snowshoe.

Three sizes allow you to choose the model that perfectly fits your physique and needs. Please note that the weight limits apply to your body weight including equipment such as backpacks, clothing and poles. An example for our smallest size up to 75 kg: If you have a body weight of 70 kg, you can take equipment and clothing of up to 5 kg with you on your snowshoe hike.

The simple locking system has a stable and non-slip fit. The binding can be easily readjusted with two ratchet straps. It also has numbers to make it easy to remember the perfect fit of the binding and to adjust the binding perfectly even after a long break. The adjustable heel strap provides extra support, as do the extra serrations under the heel to prevent slipping.

The flexible axis under the binding also facilitates movement in the plane as well as on a sloping slope, when turning or climbing steeply. Due to this design, the weight acts centrally and tipping or loss of stability is prevented.

A climbing aid is unnecessary due to the well thought-out construction. This makes snowshoeing much more fun when you no longer have to fold the climbing aid in and out.

The covering of the snowshoe is riveted over a large area and tear-resistant. With the climbing teeth, you have a good grip on deep snow, slightly icy stretches and also on steeper terrain. The aluminium frame is unbreakable, suitable for low temperatures and resistant.

The snowshoe is the perfect choice for beginners as well as professionals. It is a real all-round talent and suitable for any winter shoe. As the binding already grips with winter boots in size 36, the smallest size up to 75 kg can also be worn by petite women.

Things to know when you buy for the first time

The specified weights refer to the optimum depth of sinking in deep and fresh snow and have nothing to do with the load limit of the material. The larger the snowshoe, the more contact surface it has , meaning it floats better. A smaller snowshoe, however, is more agile and lighter. Here everyone can decide for themselves whether they prefer lighter and more agile shoes for steeper terrain, for example, but may have to expend more strength because they are sinking more.


  • 21 INCH: Length: approx. 530 mm * width: approx. 200 mm * up to 75 kg load (body weight incl. equipment) * Weight only 760 g per snowshoe * from shoe size 36
  • 25 INCH: Length: approx. 635 mm * width: approx. 200 mm* up to 110 kg load (body weight incl. equipment) * Weight only 840 g per snowshoe * from shoe size 38
  • 30 INCH: Length: approx. 760 mm * width: approx. 230 mm * up to 135 kg load (body weight incl. equipment) * Weight only 925 g per snowshoe * from shoe size 38


Material frame: Aluminium (600 D)
Material covering: HDPE
Binding Ratchet system for readjustment
Serrations: Aluminium
Carrying bag: included
Climbing aid: no

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